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Investment Philosophy

A complicated market backdrop requires a more sophisticated investment approach to generate returns and manage volatility. Spencer Financial Services, Inc. provides individualized investment recommendations based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, and individual investment preferences. An individualized Investment Policy Statement is created and maintained for each client.

Strategy Options


Portions of our clients’ investment portfolios are managed through a tactical strategy mainly utilizing individual equities and cash/fixed income to manage volatility in the markets. This philosophy is designed to “Participate, Protect, and Grow: Participate when appropriate, Protect when necessary, and Grow assets over time.” The process begins by utilizing fundamental data which screens individual investments identifying the appropriate type suitable for a specific model. The tactical strategy employs a momentum-based buy/sell discipline on the investments selected through the fundamental screening process. The strategy results in fluid changes between cash/fixed income and equities as momentum in investments changes.

Asset Allocation

Other portions of clients’ investment portfolios are managed through Modern Portfolio Theory, which utilizes ETFs and/or Mutual Funds to manage risk through diversification of market sectors and investment types.

Alternative Investments Strategy

As appropriate, many of our clients also diversify their investments through Real Estate Investment Trusts, annuities, etc. where the risk/reward of the investment is not directly tied to the stock market.