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Business Game Plan

Fiduciaries of ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) plans are held to the highest standard of care. Given increased scrutiny, rising litigation, regulatory reform, and the unprecedented need to manage risk, all fiduciaries should consider using dedicated experts.

Spencer Financial specializes in providing services to employer plans including 401Ks, 403bs, Simple IRAs, and Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs). Our goal is to streamline the process for the employer to allow you to focus on your core business. The result is an integrated approach that puts in place tools, processes and organizational structures leading to well-informed decision-making, risk management and a higher probability of successful outcomes. As an experienced broker, we objectively partner with you to determine the best company to provide the record keeping and custodial aspects of your plan. The following is a high level overview of the process. Preseason


During Preseason, we learn about your dreams and goals. During this time, your advisor team will explain our process for investment, retirement, estate, education, and/or risk management planning. We gather information necessary to develop a personalized Game Plan to meet your specific aspirations.

First Quarter

At First Quarter, we work together through your personalized Game Plan developed by your financial advisor team. During this conversation, portfolio construction occurs, including status of your current portfolio and recommendations for the future. Additionally, we walk you through any inquiries and applications deemed beneficial for risk management purposes.

Second Quarter

Documentation and paperwork is completed during Second Quarter. Depending on your preferences, this step can be completed in person, electronically, or by mail.

Third Quarter

After new investments and/or policies are finalized, a Third Quarter meeting can be held to review implementation of the Game Plan. Additionally, we answer any outstanding questions you may have and build our working relationship.

Fourth Quarter

As your dedicated financial advisor team, we meet at least annually to review account performance and discuss any modifications to investments or insurance policies. We cherish our long-term clients and enjoy working together to pursue your dreams.