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Financial Organization Workouts

Financial WorkoutSpencer Financial is committed to providing personalized services to meet the needs of our clients and their families. One item often mentioned in Planning or Annual Reviews is the fact that gathering documentation is time consuming and "doesn't get done". In response to this, we have compiled a series of "workouts" to get you into "tip-top shape". The end reward will be your own personalized "Grand Prize" of information for you and your family.

We have used a multiple array of resources in planning. Topics range from documenting family history, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance information, and home related items.

Take time to decide how you will physically organize the workouts -

  • Will you be gathering and scanning information for an electronic "locker"?
  • Will you physically place items in a file drawer?
  • Will you keep duplicate copies at a relative's home?

Click here to access the Financial Organization Workouts.